Nuevos cursos en línea para Ingenieros Forestales UC ofrece la University British Columbia (Canadá) en el marco de convenio de colaboración

not UBCWhile tropical forests provide multiple ecosystem services and functions, much of them invaluable for human beings, 13 million hectares experience deforestation each year, causing severe consequence for biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and livelihood of millions of people. By promoting forestry education, our initiative offers free online courses aimed to promote sustainable forest management (SFM) education particularly in Asia-Pacific region to mid-career professionals, young faculty, senior forestry students and those who are interested in sustainable forest management. For more information on our initiative click here.

Forestry Online Courses

Since the launch of our project, five free online courses were designed and tailored to answer the rising need for better forest management and practices. Today, we are proud to introduce Restoration of Degraded Forest Ecosystem & Forest Plantation Development, a course developed by University of Melbourne to teach the principles of tree growth for restoration of degraded forests as well as the theories and practices behind forest plantation development. Through the AP-FECM platform, this online course now will be facilitated by UBC instructor to provide open educational resources in forestry for global learners.

Course Period: October 15 – December 11, 2018

What to Expect

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
- Define and describe the main processes of forest functioning including forest carbon and nutrient cycles
- Recognize and describe properties of degraded forests and principles of forest restoration
- Explain restoration strategies and describe methods to assess success of restoration activities
- Describe in detail all stages in the development of a forest plantation enterprise, and give examples from existing plantation projects in the Asia-Pacific region

For more information on the organisation of the course and how to apply: