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Claudio Antonio Meneses Araya


  • Doctor en Sistemas Agrícolas, Forestales y Alimentarios, Universitàt de Lleida (Centre for Research in Agriculture Genomics, España).
  • Ingeniero Agrónomo, Universidad de Chile.
  • Licenciado en Ciencias Agronómicas, Universidad de Chile.

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  • Epigenetic control of maturity date in Prunus persica by integrating transcriptomic and epigenomic approaches. Investigador principal. ANID-FONDECYT (Abstract).
  • Núcleo Milenio para el Desarrollo de Plantas Super Adaptables MN-SAP. Investigador principal. ANID-Iniciativa Milenio.
  • Strengthening of a Smart Breeding Platform to accelerate the selection of new plant species adapted to water restriction scenario in Chile. Investigador principal. ANID.
  • Plataforma de Genotipificación Masiva y Escalable: Acelerando la Investigación y aplicaciones biotecnológicas en genómica para Chile. EQM220062. Investigador principal. ANID-FONDEQUIP mediano.
  • Instituto Milenio Centro de Regulación del Genoma (CRG). Investigador asociado. ANID-Iniciativa Milenio.
  • Study of cytokinin applications in early stages of berry development on changes in cell wall metabolism and its effect on the grape firmness in Vitis vinifera. Coinvestigador. ANID-FONDECYT
  • Skin color de-synchronization with softening of Hass avocado: dissecting the problem by integration of omics and targeted hormone analysis at harvest and during postharvest storage. Coinvestigador. ANID-FONDECYT
  • Identification and characterization of genetic determinants associated with rachis architecture in table grape, as the start-point to design an assisted selection breeding scheme for bunch compactness. Coinvestigador. ANID-FONDECYT
  • How the management of rhizosphere microbiota can enhance plant production under drought stress: developing a scientific basis for the design of next-generation biofertilizers. Coinvestigador. ANID-FONDECYT
  • Effect of N fertilization amount and form (NH4+ or NO3-) on Ca nutrition of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) in Andisol soils of Southern Chile. Coinvestigador. ANID-FONDECYT